Word Press is a very popular Content Management System that allows you to create easy-to-use and easy-to-manage websites. Now a days, fully customized and well-manageable websites for businesses are being developed using this free blogging platform
According to a recent survey, 17% of the total websites are developed on a CMS platform and especially Word Press.
Few reasons why Word Press is better:
– Makes the website search engine friendly enabling high ranking on search engines
– Cost effective and easy using Word Press
– Websites need not be developed from scratch
All these reasons put together define the increasing demand for Word Press as a platform for websites and subsequently the rising need for Word Press developers.
Learning wordpress development is certainly a good career option for a lucrative earning side in the IT field.

Introduction to wordpress

  • Detailed Introduction to wordpress ,
  • How to make a website or a bog using a wordpress,
  • Downloading and Installing wordpress on XAMPP SERVER
  • Administration Screen
  • Short Introduction to all the menus and submenus on the Administration Screen
  • Dashboard
  • Accessing all the site management features of WordPress
  • Themes
  • Installing and managing themes,
  • Editing the appearance of themes,
  • theme settings,
  • adjusting different elements of installed themes like slideshow,
  • post,
  • pages
  • Posts
  • Adding new post,
  • Editing existing posts,
  • inserting images,
  • videos to the posts,
  • adding categories to publishing the posts on the websites.
  • Adding custom fields.
  • Adding Tags to the pages
  • Pages
  • Adding New pages,
  • Modifying pages,
  • Editing pages,
  • Inserting images,
  • videos,mp3 to the pages,
  • publishing the pages on the websites,
  • creating static homepages.
  • Menus
  • Creating Custom Menus,
  • modifying themes default menu.
  • Media
  • Uploading pictures,
  • videos,
  • editing images,
  • publishing them on the websites,
  • embedding videos from YouTube to your website.
  • Links
  • Adding New links ,
  • Editing the links,
  • Adding categories to the links.
  • Manging Categories
  • Comments
  • Comment Moderation,
  • Approving comments,
  • removing spam.
  • Widgets
  • Adding,
  • Editing widgets to the theme.
  • Plugins
  • Introduction to plugins,
  • Installing plugins,
  • Editing plugins.
  • Social Media Plugins
  • Floating social media,
  • social media widget,
  • social media tabs,
  • social media mashup,
  • social media icons
  • Top Plugins
  • All-in-one video pack,
  • contact-form, front-slider,
  • SEO-wordpress,
  • Google fonts,
  • MP3-jplayer,
  • paypal donations
  • Users
  • Managing the accessibility to the website/blog.
  • Tools
  • Import Export wordpress files,
  • Using press this functionality
  • Settings
  • General,
  • Reading,
  • Writing,
  • Discussion,
  • Media,
  • Privacy,
  • Permalinks,
  • Changing graavtars.
  • Slider
  • Adding Custom Slider to the themes.