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Media3 stands as a proactive, growth-oriented organization aiming at professional excellence with a pool of talented and dedicated work force. Our key strengths are motivated associates; value based work ethics, experienced personnel (live tech leads) and state of the art infrastructure. Media3 is one of the best IT Training institution in Visakhapatnam & Vizianagaram with most latest software courses on board like PHP, WordPress, Magento Commerce, Microsoft .Net, Java, Web Design & Responsive UI Development, AngularJS, NodeJS, Android and iOS app development, Python, Digital Marketing, Software Testing and SEO.

What You’ll Learn

  • What You’ll Learn Getting Setup & Hello World
  • Installing Node.js and Sublime
  • Using the Terminal (OS X & Linux)
  • Using the Terminal (Windows)
  • Hello World!

Introduction to JavaScript & Node (Optional)

  • What is Node.js?
  • Creating Variables
  • Strings
  • Numbers
  • If Statements
  • Functions
  • Objects
  • Project: Bank Account
  • Booleans
  • Undefined
  • Arrays
  • Project Setup: Bank Account 2
  • Project Solution: Bank Account 2
  • For & While Loops
  • Variable Scope
  • Closures Project Setup: Bank Account3
  • Project Solution: Bank Account 3

Getting Input & Storing Data

  • Creating an npm based app
  • Using 3rd party libraries in your app
  • Project: Password Manager 1
  • Getting Input From User
  • Validating & Requiring Input
  • Project Setup: Password Manager 2
  • Project Solution: Password Manager2
  • Working with JSON
  • Encrypting Information
  • Project: Password Manager 3
  • Handling Errors
  • Project: Password Manager 4

Asynchronous Programming

  • Async Basics
  • Callback Functions
  • Requiring local files
  • Project: Weather App 1
  • Project: Weather App 2
  • Promises
  • Advanced Promises
  • Project: Weather App 3

Creating A Web Server With Express.js

  • Hello Express.js
  • Serving Up Static Websites
  • Middleware Is Awesome
  • Using Git
  • Project: Server Middleware
  • Generate SSH, join Heroku & GitHub
  • Deploying Your Application

Project: Todo REST API

  • Installing Postman
  • Getting All Todos
  • Get Todo By Id
  • Postman Environments
  • Creating New Todos
  • Refactoring With Underscore
  • Underscore Challenge
  • Deleting Todos By Id
  • Updating Todos
  • Passing Variables By Reference
  • Filtering By Todo Completed Status
  • Searching By Todo Description

Working With A Real Database (and adding it to the Todo API)

  • Sublime Text Bonus!
  • Installing Sequelize and Sqlite
  • Adding Model Validation & Fetching Models
  • Project: POST /todos
  • Project: GET /todos/:id
  • Project: GET /todos
  • Postgres On Heroku
  • Project: DELETE /todos/:id
  • PUT /todos/:id

Adding Authentication

  • Creating the User Model
  • Using Sequelize Hooks For Validation
  • Hashing and Salting Passwords
  • POST /users/login
  • Custom Sequelize Class Methods
  • Generating a JWT For Authentication
  • Making Todo Routes Private
  • Playing With Associations
  • Associating Users With Their Todo
  • Associating Users With Their Todo Pt. 2
  • Deploying To Heroku
  • Logout Part 1
  • Logout Part 2, The Front-end, and A Chat App

  • Getting Started
  • Adding To Your App
  • Exploring The Front-end
  • Sending Live Data Back & Forth
  • Creating The Front-end UI
  • Showing Messages In App